Portfolio Manager


Portfolio Manager has been used by a small investment advisory firm for over 10 years.  Desired features that cost extra in other programs were added as a need arose at the firm.    Designed primarily for use by small firms, PortMan has features that allow it to grow with you.  For example, you can assign different portfolio managers to accounts, have a sales team that is compensated by a commission schedule, and have multiple fee rates (ie; different investment products or portfolio sizes).

Portman may be installed on multiple computers, and different operating systems (ie, Windows and / or Linux).   A web based version is in development.


Portfolio Manager features:

  • Imports data from TD Ameritrade (other custodians can be added. Please Contact us for details).
  • Ability to define different product offerings, such as a Mutual Fund only Portfolio, or an Equity Portfolio and have different pricing and break points for each portfolio.
  • Re-balance feature based upon different models.
  • Ability to fee each client either on a predefined scale (product based or a general fee structure), or a custom fee scale and break points for that client.
  • Customizable reports
  • Performance reporting (currently still under re-write development) included.
  • Salesperson compensation calculation base upon personalized commission schedule.
  • Employee/Portfolio Manager record keeping.
  • Daily asset report (Price Listing).


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Free 30 day trial before any fees are due.  We can assist in transferring data from other software into Portman.


Installation: Simply un-zip the download, navigate to the directory and run PortMan.




  • Data Hosted by V/S Tech: $600 Initial Install Fee / $550 renewal rate. (includes Tech support via Forum, email, and phone.).
  • Data Hosted at your location: $450 Initial / $400 renewal rate. (includes Tech support via Forum, email and phone.)



Linux Versions:


Click here to Download 32 bit (64 bit version recommended) Linux Version (requires 32 bit libraries)

Click here to Download 64 bit (recommended) Linux Version 


Windows Versions:


Click here to Download Windows 32 Bit Version

Click here to Download Windows 64 Bit Version

Purchase options (after Free Trial period has ended):

Click the PayPal button below to purchase the Hosted version


Click the PayPal button below to purchase the Self Hosted version